Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Getting Rid of Draenor Items at a Profit

Another expansion is about to end, subscribers new and old are filling the servers, and begins the time-honored tradition of cleaning the bags of all your characters.
This time it's a little bit different because of the new things to come (which I've covered in my previous post), but the old standard remains: what to do with the items and materials of this expansion which will soon become almost obsolete.

So let's take a look at what you can do with your Warlords items in the most profitable or useful way we can think of.


If you still have Alchemical Catalysts and have alts that have different professions, I'd recommend dealing with those last.
You might need some of the Sorcerous elements to craft items with your other professions, and you can convert the Sorcerous elements into other types of elements with Alchemical Catalyst as a reagent.
So just to be safe, put Alchemy at the end of your To Do List.
Otherwise, the most profitable way to get rid of that reagent is to craft Draenic Philosopher's Stone and sell directly to vendor.

Possible Auction House profit-makers:
  • Draenic Water Walking Elixir could be useful to keep on the AH considering the new restriction that will be added to the Water Strider Mounts. But also the Angler's Fishing Raft will now be turned into a Toy. So it's a bit of a gamble.
  • Draenic Water Breathing Elixir could also be useful on the AH, but keep in mind that unless someone finds a great need to breathe underwater for a long time, the cheaper and short-lived Water Breathing Elixir could end up still being the preferred option.
  • Draenic Swiftness Potion is the fastest speed potion in the game so far. Currently there should be a metric ton of them on the AH, but it could end up being a profitable money-maker once everyone runs out of their stock (a few months into Legion).
  • Transmorphic Tincture will still find some use amongst some players. It may not be an incredibly profitable market, but there will be buyers. (Note this is worth making only to make profit on the AH, as material cost to vendor is higher than vendor cost of the product itself.)


After crafting all the plate gear and weapons and shields to add them to your Wardrobe, apart from the Soul of the Forge pet, there's nothing else to do with your Truesteel Ingot than to craft some more of those pieces and put them up on the AH (like everyone else) or sell them to vendor.


Draenic Dust: turn it into Enchanted Dust and sell that to vendor.
Temporal Crystals and Luminous Shards: they cannot be sold by themselves, so unless you want to keep some, you'll have to make enchants and sell the enchanted scrolls to the vendor (or the AH - good luck!).
BUT keep a stack of 20x Temporal Crystals on the side - you'll need it to collect a weapon enchantment illusion in Legion.


Gearspring Parts are easy to get rid of as you have a few options: you can craft Toys and Pets to sell on the AH, as well as a gun and some goggles that can be used for the Wardrobe.
But if you're looking for quick profit, craft Hemet's Heartseeker or Megawatt Filament and sell those to vendor.


If you don't care about the Wardrobe system:
If you care about the Wardrobe system:
  1. Craft the Warlords weapons and off-hand item if you don't have them already on your account.
  2. Exchange any spare Warbinder's Ink at an Ink Trader to be able to craft other items with a special appearance. (Be careful: many craftable off-hand tomes share the same appearance - don't waste materials!)
  3. And then follow the section above and craft Card of Omens and stock up on other Inks.


The most cost-efficient way to get rid of Taladite Crystals is by crafting gems and selling them on the AH as long as you can make a decent profit out of them.
If your profit on gems is 20g or less or if you're not a Jewelcrafter, you're crafting rings (not necklaces) and selling them to vendor.
Note: With the pre-Legion patch, the daily Jewelcrafting follower mission at the Gem Boutique has its reward switched from gold to Garrison Resources.


After crafting all the leather and mail pieces to add them to your Wardrobe, apart from the Riding Harness mount, there's a few things you can do with your Burnished Leather.
Obviously, you can try to sell some extra pieces on the AH (along with everyone else), and you can do the same with Inscription, Skinning and Mining bags, even if their popularity and usage should be decreasing with everyone's bags being practically empty post-Legion pre-patch.

As a side note, keeping a Tannery post-Warlords could be interesting if you have any toons to level.
If you didn't already know, a Leatherworking follower attached to your Tannery can craft tents for you.
When placed down, these tents will give any character in your party a 60 min buff that makes them well-rested and have a 10% boost to all stats.
Even though you can't sell them on the AH, they are BoA, can be stacked by 5, and there's a bunch of them that can be crafted. (No, you can't stack the buffs)
So maybe keeping some Raw Beast Hides on the side to make those could be a good idea.


After crafting all the cloth pieces to add them to your Wardrobe, apart from the Creeping Carpet mount and Elekk Plushie pet, there's nothing else to do with your Hexweave Cloth than to craft Hexweave Bags.
Whether you send them to alts or put them up on the AH, that's the only way this cloth can be really useful.
You could also try to sell the craftable cloth pieces on the AH, but so will everyone else.

Meats and Fish flesh

Go into Cooking, cook your meat and fish flesh, sell the food to vendor.
Be sure to cook the food that requires only the meat or fish flesh as materials, or else you'll reduce your profit margin.

Felblight and Savage Blood

If you have them, put all of them up on the Auction House as soon as you can.
Their only use is to craft upgrades for Warlords items, so let players buy them from you and that's as much profit as you'll ever be able to make.
If that's not an option for you, you can sell them directly to the vendor.
Note: Felblight will be purchasable from the Primal Spirit vendors.

Primal Spirit

Use them with your crafting professions or buy Savage Bloods with them and try to squeeze out a profit at the AH.

Sorcerous elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

These are practically worthless on the AH because we've been swimming in them throughout Warlords, so use them with your crafting professions, and when you're done with those you can sell them to vendor.

Draenic Stone

Best bang for your buck is to turn it in at your mine work order NPC and get some ore from it.

Draenic Seeds

If you care about the Wardrobe system:

There are 5 cosmetic weapons that can be bought from an NPC in your Herb Garden for 500 or 1000 Draenic Seeds and a few thousand gold for each item.
Pro tip: If you have alts with herb gardens, you can spread the collecting effort around to purchase the weapons.
Be careful! All these weapons are BoP, so be mindful that the character purchasing a weapon is able to wield it so it can go in your Wardrobe.

If you don't care about the Wardrobe system:

Use your Draenic Seeds at the Herb Garden work order NPC.

Apexis Crystals

Go to your base in Tanaan Jungle and see Ravenspeaker Thelnaas of the Order of the Awakened.
Buy Baleful pieces from him, use them, and vendor them.

Bags and Crates of Salvage

Bag of Salvaged Goods: should be opened right away.
Crate of Salvage: should be opened ASAP before the pre-patch so you can sell the follower armaments to the vendor while they still have considerable value.
Big Crate of Salvage: should be stashed and opened only after the pre-patch is on live servers.
While they do contain follower armaments that will be worth a few copper, the other items will be very useful for either your or other player's Wardrobe (what you want to keep or sell on the AH is up to you).
Right now, until we can afford to delete things from our bags, it's not worth opening the crates and cluttering your already-cluttered bags.
Note: the soulbound class sets that come from these crates will still drop from them.
It's been confirmed by Blizzard devs that the crate contents will remain unchanged with the pre-patch.


Unless you have a Lumber Yard and are still using the Timber to get Garrison Resources, delete that Timber because you don't need it anymore.

Ogre Waystone

Keeping a Mage Tower up now that Warlords is over is a good idea so you have a bunch of portals for quick access to the zones you want.
Ogre Waystones should first be used to open up your 3 portals and then be used at the work order NPC standing right outside the tower.
I'd still keep the leftover Waystones tucked away in your bank (you can now afford the bag space for it!), just in case you kill more ogres in Draenor in the future and want to either change your portals or continue plunking them at the work order NPC.
The extra Apexis Crystals don't hurt and if you get some Mission Completion Orders you could go to your garrison mission table and complete some quick missions for profit.

Iron Horde Scraps

After you're done collecting all the pieces of all the sets for your Wardrobe (remember - these pieces are Bind on Account, so you can buy them and send them to your alts even if the character that buys the armor cannot wear them), their is only one profitable way of getting rid of all those pieces.
It's the Scrap Meltdown daily quest that rewards you with follower armaments (which you can vendor only for a few copper when the pre-patch is live) and 15 gold and change.

For that, you need your Level 3 Dwarven Bunker/War Mill for the NPC with the quest to appear.
The only problem with this is if you think it's worth rebuilding it if you don't have it already in your garrison.
If you don't have a big stockpile of Iron Horde Scraps saved up on your toon, you might be spending more rebuilding the place than you'll be getting out of the daily.
(Rebuilding up to Level 3 - assuming your toon already learned the plans - would cost 950g. To break even with the cost of rebuilding, you would have to complete the daily quest 62 times by turning in 1550 Iron Horde Scraps.)

However, it might be interesting to keep that building up in case you either have not finished picking up all the cosmetic sets for your Wardrobe or if you want to continue collecting Scraps when revisiting the dungeons in the future and make a quick 15g here and there.

That's it!

With this cleanup out of the way, your bags should be emptier and your pockets should have a bit more than chump change, and you'll have made the most of it with just a little bit of time.

As for the rest of your bags' contents, take the time to read my previous post before you chuck everything to the vendor or you might regret deleting items you'd want back.

If there's anything you feel I've forgotten in this post, leave a comment!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cleaning up your bags before Legion? Read this before you start!

You're logging on to Warcraft, and whether you've been playing all this time or just now coming back to play through the Legion expansion, you're looking at your character and inspecting your bags and thinking "Okay it's time to clean up".


Before you throw anything away, there's 4 things you have to be aware of before you're doing any of that:
  • some items are being changed to toys
  • a mount is rewarded from Toy collecting
  • we're getting a new Wardrobe system
  • you could potentially make a lot of gold with the toy and Wardrobe systems
Now if none of these things interest you when playing Warcraft, then fine, go ahead, this won't be of any interest to you.
If these things do interest you, my hopes is that this will help you understand what's happening with all of this as soon as the pre-expansion patch for Legion hits the servers, and do this with the information that is currently available at the moment.


On top of adding new toys to the expansion content, the devs are changing some items from classic WoW onto Warlords of Draenor and turning them into toys.
These toys, once learned, will go directly in your Toy Box, won't be in your bags, so hooray for more bag space!
But not just that - you can get a free Mechanized Lumber Extractor mount if you complete the new achievement to collect 300 toys (achievement to collect 300 toys).
Wowhead has been keeping an updated list of the items from past expansions that are targeted by that change and you can find it at the following link:

Some items you can get directly from vendors - I recommend you buy those at a later time, but pay attention if they're hidden behind a requirement like reputation.

Some of them drop from rare mobs and the drop rate is not 100% on these mobs, so if you're going to collect those toys, I'd recommend you start working on that ASAP because you might have a lot of competition - starting right now - but even more when this information will be widespread.

Some items you can get from quest rewards.
Of course the first step is to figure out if you've already done those quests or not.
If you need help with that, you can use the Wowhead Profiler tool and go look at your character's completed quests.
Or you can use an addon like Quest Completist to browse for the info in-game.
If you've already done the quests and got rid of the quest rewards or achievement rewards - do not fret!
They can see what achievements you've completed and the discarded items will immediately be added in the Toy Box (they've done this before when they introduced the Toy Box).
And as for quests, it should work the exact same way and you should be credited for previously completed quests.

Where it gets really interesting is that more Engineering items will be turned into toys.
This includes the Blingtrons and all teleportation devices.
And if you know your Engineering skill, you know that in classic WoW and Burning Crusade, there were teleportation devices for both gnomish and goblin engineering skills, so you might have to either switch from one to the other or level yourself a second Engineer.
Either way, I'd recommend you do it before prices of materials blow up sky high in the auction house when the pre-patch arrives.

Remember that the Toy Box system is account-wide, so you only need one of your characters to have the item in their bags or to have completed the required quests for it to count for your entire account.
These changes to toy items are currently scheduled to take place when the Legion pre-expansion patch is on the live servers.
And please keep in mind that some of these changes might be reverted at the last minute for whatever reason - we've seen this happen for Warlords of Draenor - so don't be surprised if it happens here too.

The Wardrobe

The new and much anticipated Wardrobe is scheduled to arrive on the live servers with the pre-expansion patch as well.
I will try to explain the system as clearly as I can, because it can quickly become a mess.
The point of the Wardrobe system is to collect item appearances in a collection system to let players transmogrify their characters (and also free up some bag space).
If you've played Diablo III since the Reaper of Souls expansion, you've seen how the system works, but there's a few tweaks that are applied specifically for World of Warcraft.

How do you collect item appearances?
When you have an item in your bag that your character can equip, you'll have the option to add the appearance to your Wardrobe.

What are the rules?
The rules are: your character has to be able to equip that item.
So that means it has to be the right armor proficiency for your character and has to be the correct class if there's a class restriction on the item.

Let me explain this again.
You can only put items in your Wardrobe that are of your armor proficiency.
So you can't just go in a dungeon on a death knight, collect all the gear, stash it on your bank and void storage and think it's going to unlock all the item appearances of all the items you've collected.

This means that, while cleaning your bags, if you find some items you've been keeping and they're not soulbound, you like their appearance, but that character can't equip them - move those items over to a character who can wear them.
Also, there's no point in keeping items on characters that can't equip those items.
Like let's say a cloth warlock-specific item on a priest - even though it's a cloth item, the class restriction will make you unable to add it to your Wardrobe from that priest character.

So that's it for the rules. We've got all grounds covered for that.

One other detail to note is that when the Wardrobe system goes live, all the items in your bags, bank, void storage that follow these rules will be automatically added to your Wardrobe.
Every other item you get after your character's logged in will have to be manually added.


Tabards will be added to the Wardrobe - but be careful which ones you want to throw away if you're currently looking for bag space.
Again, there's guide for Tabards on Wowhead that is very useful.
Won't go into the details of collecting them, but I'll just remind you to be aware that some of them are locked behind reputation levels and others can only be bought with a certain type of currency that you have to obtain through several means. (The longest one to take is the Apron from Mists of Pandaria where you have to first obtain the Cooking School Bell item to summon Nomi and then summon him to do his daily quest until you've maxed out reputation with him. Can take a while.)

I will mention though Tabard Vendors can be a quick one-stop shop to check out some tabards you will be able to buy again, as well as restore select tabards that have been discarded (some from achievements, some from special events - there's no set rule for all of them, so peruse the guide and be careful because not all of them can be restored).
Note that not ALL tabards will be displayed there - some of them can only be found at faction quartermasters.

Vendor gear

Speaking of quartermasters - think of all the gear that you can get, not from dungeons or raids, but that can buy directly from vendors.

Just think about that.

There's a looooooooooot of gear vendors in this game.
And we're not just talking items that you can buy with gold.
Some items are locked behind a special type of currency, level of reputation, etc.
Think of all the cool faction-themed items that are on vendors at the Argent Tournament.
Think of all the armor recolors that can now only be bought at the Darkmoon Faire for tickets.
Think also of the special items that are Darkmoon Faire-themed that you can only buy at the Darkmoon Faire (a lot of you probably forgot those even existed).
Also - while I'm talking Darkmoon Faire - most people don't even know this NPC exists, but there's a vendor with Gilnean-style items that's at the Darkmoon Faire (vendor with Gilnean-style items that's at the Darkmoon Faire), and of course is selling them for quite a big amount of tickets.

Think of all the PvP gear that you can buy with Honor.
There's been many seasons and lots of gear.
If you're thinking of doing that, there's lots of groups out there who do runs for quick and easy Honor points - you should consider that and maybe start collecting those pieces right now if you've got the bag space for it.
On top of that, Honor and Conquest points are going away in Legion because we're getting a new PvP system, so if you've got points lying there you might as well be using them! (Don't worry - we'll still be able to purchase all that old gear with a new PvP currency.)
Also, if you're thinking of collecting as many pieces for your wardrobe as possible, I hope you've saved a lot of gold and are taking full advantage of the gold missions from your garrisons.

Crafted gear

Moving on - think also of all the gear that can be crafted.
Think of all the professions in this game.

Again - think about that.
Try to encompass all the crafting professions in your brain at the same time.

If you don't have certain patterns or plans, you will first have to farm for them or buy them in the Auction House.
And then you will need crafting materials.
My pro-tip for everyone: if you aren't already doing that, keep ALL your crafting mats from ALL expansions, load up all your reagent banks, even enchanting materials because some of them are required in other crafting professions.
This is to be sure that you are prepared to craft your own items for your Wardrobe, but also to craft items to sell on the Auction House to make that sweet Wardrobe money, and also to sell the materials are stupidly exorbitant prices when the Wardrobe is added in the game because other players will also try to start their collections, get their Wardrobe achievements, etc.

You think that current items in the Auction House that are being sold for transmogrification have a high price?
You ain't seen nothing yet.

And if you've played in classic and Burning Crusade WoW, there's a chance that some of your crafters have access to plans or patterns that aren't available in the game anymore.
Which means that you can create items with a special appearance that not everyone has access to.
To you I say: happy gold-making!


Another addition to the Wardrobe: shirts!
Some shirts can be crafted! And not a lot of people know about that! (Auction House profit opportunity right there!)
Same advice here - save your mats.
There's a handful of shirts that are crafted in Classic WoW with linen cloth, silk cloth, mageweave; but also a handful of lumberjack-themed shirts were added in Wrath, so keep that Frostweave cloth.
Besides that, most shirts can be bought from vendors.

If you are a collector/completionist, you should be aware that there's a bunch of shirts that can be currently obtained at the Brawler's Guild.
I'm saying "currently" because according to the WoW devs, the Brawler's Guild will be going into "hiatus" when Legion arrives. What does that mean? Will it return? Will the rewards still be there if it returns? Will the NPC that currently sells the shirts still be there even if you can't brawl? We don't know!
The thing to remember is: if you want to collect those shirts, go do Brawler's Guild now while it's still there.

If you want more info on all the shirts and how you can obtain them, again Wowhead has a guide about it (Wowhead has a guide written about them), so go check it out.

Concerns and expectations

There's more details about the Wardrobe system that we don't have answers for (at least at this point in time).
The WoW devs have said that all appearances for all the items of all the quests we've completed will be automatically unlocked when the system goes live (and that includes items that we didn't choose when we had to pick a quest reward).
We know they can do that for quests that are currently in game because they've added specific item and quest tracking since the Cataclysm expansion.
But we don't know if they're going to be able to unlock item appearances for all the quests that are currently unavailable - more specifically all the quests that don't exist anymore because of the Cataclysm revamp.
Answer's still in the air, they've got some background work to do, it's not a question of them withholding information from us, it's them figuring out if they have a complete and fully working solution to this question or they've looked at every possibility and tell us that it's not going to be possible to do that for every player or at all.
Now that's the biggest concern that we don't have an answer for.
There's a bunch of other minute details about certain specific items that we probably won't know what happens to them until the Wardrobe is in the game.

My expectation is that maybe they won't be able to have everything all figured out when the Wardrobe system goes live, but I'm patient.
Players will ask their questions and point out certain items and the devs will figure out something or give explanations, hotfixes and patches will be applied until almost all items are taken into account.

My main concern for all players right now is just to let you know that you shouldn't be deleting anything from your bags that can't be obtained anymore or that would be a pain to try to obtain again.

I hope all this info dump is helpful for some of you out there and also that my information is correct! (Please leave comments if anything has changed or is wrong and I'll see about correcting that.)

Now go make some spreadsheets and have fun!

To sum everything quickly:

  • Don't throw away hard-to-earn gear or future toys
  • If you want to collect toys - start now
  • Move the BoE gear on toons that can equip that gear
  • Tabards - if you throw some away, make sure you can get them back; if you want to collect them, check out the Wowhead guide
  • Vendor gear - lots of it locked behind reputation or special currency
  • Keep all of your crafting mats
  • Do Brawler's Guild right now to get the shirts
  • Collect PvP gear if you have the time to farm

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pre-Legion Level 100 Character Boost: What's In It?

Got a Level 100 Character Boost on your account but don’t know what to expect? Even though Blizzard did a write-up on that ( I feel it’s missing a few details. I’ve used the boost last night (pre-Legion pre-patch) and here’s what I got. (I’m covering the Alliance side only here - sorry Horde!)

  • You log in at the front gate of your garrison.
  • You’ve learned all levels of flying but for Draenor (unless the account-wide achievement has been unlocked on your account).
  • You have in your quest log the quest chain to go to Tanaan. (The article says “Some quests and NPCs will be unavailable after a character boost until you unlock Tanaan.” but I haven’t seen anything missing yet.)

Your character has:

  • 500 gold
  • 4x 22 slot bags + The Backpack™
  • a full set of green level 640 gear
  • all previous items are waiting in the mail
  • 300 garrison resources

Your garrison is already at Level 3 and comes with:

  • 8 followers at level 90 (except for one at 91)
  • Level 2 barracks
  • Level 2 lumber mill (however, you can’t collect lumber until you’ve done the Tanaan chain)
  • Level 2 storehouse
  • Level 2 (crafting building for your character’s gear proficiency)
  • Level 1 herb garden
  • Level 1 mine
  • 1x empty Large, Medium and Small plots (Salvage Yard can be immediately built without having to do the Spires of Arak chain)

If the character you’re boosting is level 60+ and has primary professions, they’ll be boosted to 700 along with First Aid (so excluding the 3 other secondary professions - Archaeology, Cooking, Fishing). But keep in mind that all professions work differently in Draenor (you can work with all professions from Level 1 so there’s no reason to go back to level with items from previous expansions) and all have a training item that can be picked up to max the level cap to 700.